The perfect brows

Eyebrow waxing and shaping customised to your face

Well-shaped brows not only enhance your facial features, but also frame your face. With a career dedicated to modelling and beauty, I have a real love for sculpting brows!


Life’s too short for bad brows

The right eyebrow waxing, shaping and design can dramatically transform your overall appearance. And unfortunately, it only takes one bad eyebrow wax to spell disaster.


I can’t deliver world peace, but I can give you gorgeous eyebrows

As a professionally-trained beauty therapist, I’ve travelled the world for work and study. I’m careful and concise with my approach, and take the time to study your face shape, forehead depth, features and hairline. I take into account your age and colour before measuring, plucking, waxing and gently coercing your eyebrows into their ideal shape.

My goal? To make you look younger, more modern and generally fabulous!


Friends don’t let friends have bad eyebrows

Whether you have untouched brows, require a re-shape or purely maintenance, put down the tweezers and let’s talk

Your brows will thank you.